I'm that Dork!!!!!!!! oao

Mar 03
Jan 06

Leetuek, you must be in a lot of pain. Please smile on. You have given us a bunch of smiles and laughter. And we shall return that to you and do the same. May your father and Grandparents rest in peace. And may you have closure of this pain. Do know that your Super Junior family is ready to catch you when you fall. Please smile and laugh once again for us~ <33 </33 Leetuek, Fighting!~

Oct 17

2EN1 going through a break up

You and I

I Love You

Can’t Nobody

Go Away

It Hurts

Hate You




I Don’t Care

I Am the Best

Don’t Stop the Music

Oct 17

Dongho-sshi…Please take care of yourself!! We, Kiss-me(s) We’ll miss you!!~ ;w; Fwighting!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Apr 24

Our Jo Twins are growing up so fast!! TT^TT Happy birthday!~~~ We wish you the best!! Fighting!! Love, Best Friends~

Mar 28


Boyfriend’s Concepts

Boyfriend > IYAH

Mar 19

Hitomi no melody — Melody of someone’s eyes

Mar 19

Happy Birthday to SanDeul from B1A4!!~~ <3

Mar 17
Oh Minwoo! you&#8217;re nerdy! but so cute!!~

Oh Minwoo! you’re nerdy! but so cute!!~

Mar 17
Donghyun, you&#8217;re so sexy! xDD

Donghyun, you’re so sexy! xDD

Jan 19
I got Icecream Sungmin!! &gt;w&lt;

I got Icecream Sungmin!! >w<

Jan 19
Pillow Fight?!! :3

Pillow Fight?!! :3